How To Kiss A Girl for the First Time?

Kissing is a very intimate act. Even the act of just brushing her lips with yours can fire amber inside her. When it comes to the first kiss, timing is important. Don’t mess up with the timing else you will spoil everything. Don’t let that scare you though, if it’s not fun then it’s not worth yet, remember that.

You are out to have fun, be relaxed and enjoy the moment. Don’t be afraid of failures. Your mind might always instruct you to play it safe but your instinct may guide you otherwise. Follow your instinct blindly. It’s the best compass you have been endowed with.

So what constitutes the right timing? Any moment where kissing feels right. It does not necessarily have to be at the end of the date. Neither does it have to be in a secluded place. There might be a moment when she leans towards you with a pretty smile and everything inside you wants to kiss her, go for it. Kisses cannot be planned, it is impulsive. When you feel a lot of love for her, that’s the right time to kiss.

Pointers That She is Kiss Ready

There are a few pointers towards knowing if she is ready for the kiss. You don’t have to wait for these pointers to show up. Remember the thumb rule “kiss her when you know it’s the right time”. Take a risk, the worst that would happen is that she would not respond to your kiss or turn away. That’s okay; you don’t have to be upset about her reaction.

Looking out for a few pointers can increase your chances of making that perfect kiss:

  • Notice if she is touching you a lot or if she is trying to get close to you physically.
  • Notice if she leans towards you when you touch her hair or her cheek. If she turns away, then it’s not the right time to pursue a kiss.
  • Try to lean close to her face and see her reaction. If she looks into your eyes then she is ready for the kiss, if she is looking away from you then she is not.

These pointers are time tested and cannot go wrong. But as I said you don’t need to wait for these pointers. The best kisses are often the most impulsive ones. A moment of great love, a moment when she is looking really pretty, a moment when she feels really close to you, is the perfect moment to kiss.

Go with your emotion as far as kissing is concerned. There is no place for pretense here. It should be natural else it loses its beauty. It’s important to be relaxed, don’t keep calculating whether you should kiss her or not. When the right time comes you will kiss her instinctively.

How to Kiss Her?

The first kiss is usually better off being a short one. There are no hard rules of-course. Keeping the first kiss short has advantages. The obvious one is that it will leave her wanting for more. There will be a fire inside her. It will show that you have a lot of self control. Whatever be the case always be the first to draw out of the kiss. Don’t avoid her glance, look into her eyes after the kiss.

Here are a few tips which can help you kiss better:

  • Girls close their eyes when they know you are going to kiss. You don’t need to close yours till you have made contact.
  • Don’t go for a french kiss the first time around. No tongue action, it would come off as a little weird for your first kiss.
  • While kissing you don’t need to wrap your arms around her. Just a touch on her shoulder or waist is enough.
  • Keep the first kiss short, just a gentle kiss.
  • Ensure that the surroundings are right for the kiss so that you are not conscious of anything external. It’s best to lose yourself in that moment just for a second or two.
  • Don’t ever force a kiss, if she is turning away then stop your kiss immediately and get back.

Dealing With a Rejection

It’s not a big deal if she turns away when you try to kiss her. Maybe she is not ready. You don’t have to take it as an insult and walk away in a tirade. It will show that you are insecure and egoistic.

Just relax and let her be for a while. If she feels angry with you, just tell her something like “I am sorry but you looked so pretty I had to kiss you”, try to say this with genuine emotion. Chances are that she might kiss you saying that it was very sudden and she was not ready then.

If she does not kiss you back even after this, then just lighten the mood up by saying something funny. Don’t carry on feeling bad about it, put it behind you. She will start feeling uncomfortable if you try to show her that she has spoiled your mood, that can get awkward. Chances are that the kiss was all too sudden for her, maybe she will kiss you back sometime towards the end of the date. Don’t spoil the chances of that happening by getting into a bad mood or anything.

Worst of all don’t try to work on her sympathy. Remember this, failure is not personal. There is a law of averages at work, not every attempt will be successful. If you don’t try you will never know. Rejection is a part and parcel of a relationship, learn to suck it up and move on. There are millions of girls around, do you think it makes sense to sulk over one rejection?

How to Follow Up After the Kiss?

The moment after the kiss can be awkward if it’s followed by total silence. Say something romantic like “that was beautiful”. Keep it subtle, no over-excited statements like “wow, what an amazing kiss that was”. This might seem like the perfect time to say “I love you”.

Say it if it feels right for you. The best way to say it would be without any shyness or fear. Say it in a calm voice as if you are delivering a statement without any expectation of a response. Don’t expect her to say “I love you too” in return.

Expectations can convey themselves in your words, to live without them is the best way to be. You have made your point, if she does not reflect your love then she is not right girl for you. Give her time though, don’t push her for any answers. Remember the thumb rule, “force never works”. Relax and live in your world.

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