7 Expert Tips On How To Flirt With Girls (Like a boss!)

Attraction is all about body language, make no mistake about it. Remember to get your body language perfected before you even attempt at flirting with girls, else it will come off as needy. Unlike what most seduction books seem to preach, flirting is less to do with talking and more to do with your body language.

You can flirt effectively with a girl by speaking very few words. Each word should convey a strong sense of sexuality, that’s what flirting is. There is nothing casual about it because of the attraction it can generate in girls. Most girls are so used to guys flirting with them, using overtly cocky jokes, telling them how pretty they look and how their eyes are shining, how their dress looks great and needy stuff like that. Just imagine a girl talking to you that way, would you feel attracted to her? Flirting is an art which seduction experts have perfected through experience. It’s all about igniting a fire of attraction inside a girl and leaving her to burn in it for a while.

Get Your Timing Right

Before you start flirting with a girl get your timing right. First you give her a seduction gaze and then a flirty smile, make sure you have read how to attract girls through body language before continuing.

When a girl responds to your seduction gaze and flirty smile by smiling back in a slightly flirtatious manner, then you know you are on. Take your time and walk towards her casually; don’t stare at her continuously while walking because that might look weird. Be relaxed, don’t ever come off as needy. Always remember that each girl is just a practice initially, there are lot of girls around. One failure does not mean anything, but one success would prove that you are getting your art perfected. So let there be no pressure. Get by her side in a very inconspicuous manner. There should be nothing overt about your intentions. Always remember the golden thumb rule “be subtle and be relaxed”.

Initiating Conversation

Depending on the situation or place you are in, what you say to initiate conversation may vary but don’t ever use the cocky pickup lines. Girls love helping out. Use it to your advantage. For example, if you are in a crowded office party, go by her side and say something like “I feel kinda out of place here”, the way you say it is important; speak as if you are talking to yourself or thinking out aloud and always talk in a slow pitch. Most girls would respond positively with some kinda curiosity, the usual response would be a “I didn’t get you”. Now is the time to look into her eyes (remember the seduction gaze) give her a flirty smile and tell her “the party is too crowded, I think I am gonna leave”. Most girls would try to help out with things like, “hey why don’t you try out this drink” or “why are you feeling this way, try to enjoy, come on”. The rest is easy. You will have her company for the party because she will try her best to ensure that she plays a role in making you comfortable. The helping mentality is ingrained in girls, it’s just that most guys come off as insincere or overtly flirty and hence the girls get into their defensive mode.

If you are in a lab class with her, you can say something like “this lab is confusing”. Most girls will try to help out with their knowledge; girls love getting acknowledged for their mental prowess. By now you would have gotten the lay of things. Address her helping mentality and the rest is easy. Keep the seduction body language going all the time. Don’t get complacent about your initial success.

Getting Personal

Don’t be afraid of getting personal almost immediately after you have the initial conversation going. You can start with something which shows a little admiration like “you do know your labs well” (if you are in a lab class) or “you are good at socializing” (if you are at party) or “you got melody in your voice” (if you are in some singing class). Keep the admiration real and don’t be too flowery about it, saying something like “wow, you got such a beautifully melodious voice” can be a total turn off. If you put your admiration across well then you will see an immediate closeness from her part. She will try to be modest of-course but you can sense that she felt really good about the fact that you acknowledged something about her. Everyone loves being acknowledged, especially girls. Remember the thumb rule of a flirty conversation “always keep things real, no flowery stuff”.

Talk in Small Sentences

Seduction experts are aware of this secret. The less you talk the more you convey about yourself. Remember that your body language is the main attraction factor. Your tone should display a sense of relaxation. There should be no flurry of words, just a relaxed slow delivery. Keep the sentences short so that you don’t fluster while talking. Remember to breath while talking, pause while you breath.

The act of pausing while you talk generates a lot of attraction, it shows that you are completely at ease. Girls immediately tend to get close to a guy who is so relaxed because there is something intensely protective and secure about such a guy. And remember not to ever get flowery with adjectives, keep it simple. Saying something like “you are looking gorgeously stunning in that green dress you are wearing” is too flowery and it’s a turn off. Instead just say something like “you look good in green”.

Most seduction manuals go really wrong in this aspect, they ask a guy to be cocky and sarcastic while talking but in real life it’s a turn off for any normal girl. No girl likes being taken a dig at (during the initial conversations). Girls love a guy who talks in a calm and mature tone. Don’t get sarcastic and don’t try to act funny, it shows that you are a joker nothing else and she will lose her respect for you immediately. For a girl, attraction and respect go hand in hand. She will feel no attraction for a guy she can’t respect.

Don’t Initiate A Date

Some guys get carried away at the success they had with the initial conversation and end up asking the girl out for a coffee or lunch. Don’t do that, it would mostly be a ‘no’ from her side and things might get uncomfortable.

Remember that you need to make her feel completely comfortable. You can ask her where she lives, you can ask her about where she works or stuff like that. If a girl is comfortable in your company she wouldn’t mind revealing personal information. Make sure you ask all this very casually; it should not come off as an inquiry that might get her wary. Say something like “so you live nearby?” (almost like statement rather than a question) or “traveling is getting tough for me” (this will get her to talk about her mode of transportation).

Be subtle, never be too obvious. You can get her number or facebook ID (it’s popular nowadays) on the pretext of catching up. For example, you can say something like “what’s your number, I did like to catch with you sometime”. Be relaxed and confident in this approach; no sly smile, no signs of discomfort. Anything which gets alarms ringing in her head is bad for you. She should feel that she is in no danger by giving you her number.

A Cheshire cat smile while asking for her number will immediately creep her and she will have second thoughts about it (she might just give you a wrong number). Also remember to avoid the “Can I have ..” approach. Never say something like “can I have your number?”, it’s got a needy pleading tone to it. Just ask for it “what’s your number”. Girls like guys who are bold enough to ask for what they want, the best thing is they usually give it. Girls have a giving mentality, you just need to approach her right.

What if She Initiates a Date?

Some girls are very friendly even during the initial conversation phase. She might ask you out for a coffee by saying something sweet like “hey wanna join me for a coffee?”. Be genuine, if you feel like going out with her and having a coffee then just go for it by saying something like “yeah sure” (be bland, don’t show your excitement and don’t get flowery). On the other hand if you don’t feel like it then just say “no, some other time”. By the way, congrats! if she initiates a date like this it means that you have really perfected the art of using your body language and flirting.

Exit With a Flair

When it’s time to leave don’t get too verbose. Don’t say stuff like “fine, I will call you then, take care now, goodbye”. That’s not a good exit at all for a guy because it’s common and it will not generate any attraction in her.

Just say something blunt and casual like you really don’t care about leaving her company, something like “see you around” (in a bland tone without excitement) is perfect. Remember that less is more. If she says something like, “call me sometime” or “let’s hope we bump into each other again”, it’s great. Just give her a smile and move on. Don’t ever say something like “Oh I would also love to bump into you again” or “it was great talking to you, we should do it again sometime”. Keep her guessing about if you really liked spending time with her. Be subtle, that’s the secret of seduction.

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