Developing Attraction Body Language To Attract Girls

Simply put, you need to get noticed to attract girls. You need to develop a ‘female magnet body language’. Perfecting this art can do wonders not only from the aspect of getting a girlfriend but also becoming a seduction expert. It’s easy to develop this body language. You need to add a few positive traits and delete some negative traits. You need to delete the traits which generate a negative body language. You would then need to consciously add a few seduction body language traits. A combination of these would turn your body language in a manner which sends out seduction signals to the girls around you. That’s when they get attracted. You will notice the “under the eye” glances coming from the girls around you and some might blatantly ogle at you. You will sense female attraction around you. These are the good things to come when you finish perfecting this art.

Removing the Negative Body Language

Each one of us has certain quirks or unconscious habits relating to our body language. These habits have been inculcated without our conscious knowledge and hence we are not even aware of it. Some of these habits are so destructive to our overall personality that it is best to get rid of them. It will take a conscious effort on your part to accomplish this. It might take a week or more to get a habit replaced. Be patient and keep practicing consciously. Here is a list of negative body language traits, try to figure out which of these behaviors is present in you.

The drooping shoulders walk

The signal which this body language sends out is that you are sluggish. It generates a perception of laziness and lethargy. Though you may not even feel lazy or sluggish inside, the body language which you wear makes people perceive that of you. The right body language would be to lift your shoulder so that your arms are parallel to each other, your chest is slightly bloated up and it feels like your head is at a 90 degree to your shoulders. This is a killer body language and it oozes out confidence. It will take time to get this practiced so that it becomes a habit with you. A week of conscious practice will get you the results.

The jerky and hasty movements

If you have a hasty walk, people perceive you to be an impatient and fidgety person. Some people have a jerky movement, where there body jerks around while walking. This again sends out signals of weirdness or eccentricity. I am sure this body language is very natural to you but the fact is that it sends out negative signals. It is important to replace it with a seduction body language of “walking in the pool”.

Just imagine that you are wading through water in your pool. The movement is slow and gracious. There is no sense of urgency but a calm composure which seems to say that time is in your control. Have you seen the way Brad Pitt or George
Clooney walk? It’s very relaxed, as if they are wading through water. There are no jerky or hasty movements. I agree that this is a difficult habit to develop but the returns are so rich that it’s worth the effort. You will be amazed at the way people perceive you once you start walking this way.

The twitching eye movements

Your eyes play a very important role in the art of seduction. If you look at guys who are extremely successful with girls, you will notice that they have a calm gaze; their eyes wouldn’t twitch at all.

If you are in the habit of twitching your eyes while talking, closing and opening you eyes in hasty movements, making quick eye movements as if you are in danger all the time, then it’s time to give it your conscious attention and change it.

Relax your eye muscles. You can even let your eye lids droop slightly. Practice keeping a steady stare without much movement. Avoid looking around you continuously, try to focus on just what is ahead of you. When you relax your eyes you will be conscious of their movement and this will stop the twitching habit. Takes practice, but I cannot emphasize the importance of developing this particular body language enough. It is vital that you get this habit perfected.

Playing with your hands

If you are in the habit of playing with your hands while sitting idle, talking, walking or standing then you are sending signals of nervousness. That’s how people perceive it. This is a very common habit but it’s very detrimental to your body language. Avoid it like plague.

Be conscious of your hand movements; the best way to accomplish this is to relax your fingers. Leave your fingers limp whenever you are sitting idly or talking. While standing you can either keep your hands in your pockets or better yet twiddle your thumbs into your belt loops but the best thing to do is to leave your hands limp while standing, this is a sign of extreme confidence.

Hurried articulation

If you talk fast while animating your speech with frantic actions with your hands and eyes then you are sending out signals of insecurity, impatience and defensiveness. People perceive you as someone who feels the need to impress due to his insecurity in himself. If you observe your facial movements, when you talk fast with facial animation, it seems very contorted as if you are struggling.

The rule of the thumb is to relax. Relax your mouth while talking; it’s a powerful exercise and sends out signals of intense confidence. Relax your face and ensure that there is no animation like bulging eyes, flared up nose or anything of that sort. Let you mouth do the talking, don’t involve your hands. When a speaker talks without using his hand, to animate his points, he presents a picture of calm confidence without the need to defend or impress. A very powerful communication technique and a strong alpha body language.

Scratching your face or hair

Most people unconsciously scratch their face or hair while standing, sitting or talking. People around you will perceive it as restlessness. It is very detrimental to your personality. It is also very distracting to the other person when you scratch your face or hair while talking. Some people play with nose, some with their ears, some rub their neck, some scratch their hair, some play with their lower lip or chin. All of these are unconscious behavior patterns and convey a form of restlessness or unease.

Be relaxed and leave your hands limp. You don’t need to play with anything, just keep your attention focus on yourself. While listening just pay attention to what is being said while keeping a relaxed pose. There is no need to think when the other person is talking, just focus your attention. You will realize that conscious behavior is always relaxed, unconscious behavior is restless. Be more conscious of your body and mind, this will help you relax.

Adding on Seduction Body Language

Now that you have removed the negative traits of your body language and replaced them with positive ones, you are well on your way to being perceived as a relaxed and confident person. It takes practice to replace old habits. Give yourself at-least a week of conscious practice. By then most of the negative traits would get removed. This is the foundation. Now we can add the seduction body language traits to your positive body language to give you the ultimate ‘girl magnet body language’. A confident body language in itself is attractive to girls, add to it the seduction body language traits and you will get girls to feel a huge attraction towards you.

The flirty smile

This is a very subtle smile, there is nothing overtly flirty about it but it conveys huge signals of interest. Some guys put on a fake flirty smile which so overtly stinks of ‘coming on’ that girls are immediately repulsed by it. They sense danger. Don’t make that mistake ever. The smile I am talking about is the one which conveys friendliness but with a huge amount of seduction energy.

It’s an art actually, it takes confidence to carry it through so make sure you have perfected all the points discussed in “removing negative traits” before pursuing this. George Clooney and Brad Pitt qualify again as the ones with the perfect flirty smile. The slightly lopsided, warm, seduction smile. It never conveys a neediness or overt flirting, so the girls feel secure and usually they smile back. That’s the proof that you have had success with perfecting your smile.

You will have to try it out several times, you might get a cold response several times but keep working till you have perfected it. Once you have perfected it, the cold responses from the girls will reduce and the smiles will increases. If you get a girl to smile back at you it’s a great first step. You can go home and party because all the practice has finally paid off. Remember not to smile too much, it’s usually perceived as a sign of insecurity.

The seduction gaze

The perfect backdrop to your flirty smile should be the seduction gaze. I recommend you watch a few George Clooney movies to understand what I am talking about. The seduction gaze is the one of warmth while not being overtly friendly.

When you look at a girl try not to avert your glance immediately when she looks at you. It might take practice but learn to look at her, lock eyes with her and smile. The is always a danger of coming off as a weirdo if you are caught staring at a girl for long. Everything in seduction body language is subtle. You need to get it just right, overdo it and you are in a mess. The thumb rule is “less is more”.

Glance, keep an eye contact, smile and then look away as if you don’t care. Never come off as a needy person. At times you just need to give her the seduction gaze without the smile depending on the situation. It’s an extremely strong signal of your sexual interest in her.

Don’t forget to watch George Clooney and Brad Pitt movies to understand the way these guys carry off the subtle seduction gaze and the flirty smile. Watch and learn, practice in front of a mirror and start applying it. It takes practice, you can’t perfect it in a day. Given a couple of weeks you will be well on your way to be comfortable with your seduction gaze. Always start with the seduction gaze, if the girl responds by gazing at you then follow it up with the flirty smile.

Art of slow movement

There is something extremely attractive about slow movements. It conveys a calm and sensual state. Think about it as if you were playing a movie in slow motion; there is something exciting about the movements. Each movement seems to have a meaning. That’s how it is in real life as well.

When your movements are slow you come across as someone with a lot of time; as if you are controlling time. A huge sign of confidence and sexuality. Next time someone calls your name don’t turn back in a jerky movement. Relax, take your time and slowly turn back. This shows that you are engrossed in your life and don’t feel the need to impress other by giving your attention immediately whenever it is called for. Walk slow, talk slow and move slow. It’s extremely sensual and girls go crazy about a guy who’s body language depicts this.

Practice and Practice More

All your habits are unconscious and have developed through years of unconscious use. To replace a habit is easy; you just need to become conscious about your unconscious behavior. Consciously change your habits and perfect the art of seduction body language. When you display such a body language you will immediately see girls taking notice of you, some will give you a shy glance, some will stare at your overtly, some will smile at you and I tell you this, it’s very sexual all of it.

What negative body language traits have you identified in yourself that you think is an hindrance when it comes to attracting girls? Let us know in the comments below.

  • SIngleLad

    I can relate to HASTY MOVEMENT because I am always in a rush when I walk from one place to another. I do notice it but now that I have read this, I need to walk casual and not look too tense (maybe that’s how people see me at times). Glad to find this website at 3 am about getting a girlfriend and I have a party to attend to so I’ll practice there first :).

  • Abdou

    Thank you very much guys, it’s a perfect article here! I found most of the negative habits, I’ll work hard to turn it positive.

  • So

    I don’t understand the gaze either.

  • Iain

    As someone in their thirties I think this information is pretty good. It’s useful to remember that its not always how you look – confidence can be a real turn on too! Just think about it the other way around guys – when were you last attracted to a girl who walked with slouched shoulders, head down and fidgeting?

  • Bongani

    Thanks a lot guys, a new game for my life and I can’t wait to face the world with so much more confidence. I was shy when it comes to ladies but now I think I have the weapon to better myself.

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    1) She’s just gotten out of a relationship.
    2) She finds you annoying.
    3) Could be any reason, but most likely if it’s in front of her friends, she will say no.

    So try and catch her alone, if you can’t, ask her “can I speak to you in private for a moment?” Just remember, I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’m asking a girl out tomorrow, wish me luck!

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