This is a portal/website for men only, and it includes boys who want to evolve into their potential of being a man. I am creating this website to share with you a logical understanding of the process of living your full potential as a male. You are born in a male body and it’s your responsibility, and right, to stay true towards experiencing the best of what this lifetime can afford for you. If you don’t want to live your full potential, as a man, well, that’s fine too, there is nothing wrong with living a below par life, it’s just another experience of living, and I am not going to criticize you for that. However, this is a website for guys who want to experience their male expression fully by letting go of attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and mindsets that keep them stuck in a mediocre, or below mediocre, living experience.

If you’ve ended up on this website, and you are reading these words, there is a very good possibility that you may be looking for an understanding on how to feel more powerful in your life – more attractive/magnetic, more in control and more respected. It’s possible that your chief concern is with respect to your relationship with women/girls, and you want to feel more attractive to the opposite sex. May be you are having a hard time in your current relationship (possibly feeling powerless and insecure), or may be you are having a hard time in finding a relationship(s) that give you an emotional, mental and sexual satisfaction. Whatever be the reasons that instigated your search, the answer lies in connecting with your “personal attraction” as a man, and that’s exactly what the articles on this website seek to guide you towards.

Male imbalance

If you take the time to read the articles on this website you will start gaining an awareness of all the principles, and logic, behind how to live in a manner that makes you feel fully “alive” to your male-energy and thus enjoy all the gifts of male-experiences that your body/mind can provide you. I am not talking about being an “alpha male” as opposed to being a “beta male”, rather the understanding you will gain will be about how to be a “balanced male” – I am talking about how to align with your personal male potential in a balanced manner. The male-ego is a strong force and when suppressed it goes into imbalance which can be called “beta-male imbalance”, however, if one become totally lost to the male-ego he goes into another form of imbalance, which I would call “alpha-male imbalance”.

Both these imbalances will create an experience that is rooted in dysfunction, in that sense you are not being a truly functional male. A balanced male is not a prisoner to the male-ego, he’s not suppressing it and he’s not lost to it, rather he connects with his male-ego in a balanced manner by gaining full control of his personal male-energy – the key-word here is “personal”, every man is unique in his own way and has to find his own personal grounding in his male-energy.

We all want to be attractive

One of the key requirements in every human is to be “attractive”, it’s just a fact that we all want to be attractive so that we can have the good experiences that come with it. No-one in their right mind would say “I don’t want to be attractive” – it’s simply our nature to desire to be attractive, it’s unavoidable, you can’t run away from it, so you may as well make a choice to truly connect with this desire fully. When I use the term “attractive” I don’t just mean “physically attractive”, because that’s just one area of attraction, rather I use that as an umbrella term that includes all forms of attraction – mental, emotional and physical. A man who is mentally, emotionally and physically, attractive is the one who can truly live his full potential as a male, and every man has to live this potential in his own “personal” way and every living body has its own personal potential – for ex, you might say that “I am not physically attractive, I don’t think I can ever be attractive in this type of body”, to which I would say “you owe it to yourself to make the full use of this body by working with it towards living its full potential for attraction, each body is unique and has a unique potential of attraction that needs to be honed in a conscious manner”.

If you want to moan and hide behind your own limiting thoughts, then you are welcome to it and I respect your choice to do so, however, this is a website for men who want to experience what it feels like to live the best of what you can live – to live your full potential.

Living your full personal attraction

The reason why this website is called “Attraction logic” is because the purpose behind creating it is to share the understanding, and logic, of how to fully live your personal attractiveness – emotionally, mentally and physically. The reason you should align with your personal attractiveness, as a man, is so that you can live your desired experiences. May be you want a stable relationship, may be you want to get laid with a variety of girls/women, may be you want to do well at work, may be you want to make more money, may be you want to stop getting bullied, may be you want more adventure, may be you want a different lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what your desired experience is, it all boils down to how attractive you are.

When you are fully connected with all aspects of personal attraction, you will attract a reality that meets the standards of your desired experience. So in that sense “Attraction logic” is not just about getting women/girls to find you attractive, but that’s just going to be an unavoidable and natural outcome. Of course, the focus of this website is to explain how attraction logic will work in the area of your relationship with girls/women, though it works just as well in all other areas like your career, social success and financial success. The reason I choose to focus the examples towards the area of girls/women is because, eventually, all men want to have a good time with the opposite sex, and one of true enjoyments of male-energy is in the area of relationship with female-energy. If you are a gay male, reading this website, you can still get a full understanding of how to connect with your personal attractiveness, it’s just that most the examples will be focused specifically for the heterosexual men and their dynamics with women/girls.

The way to read this website is to go through all the “foundation articles” one by one, preferably in the sequential order. Each article is loaded with insights meant to clear away the fog of ignorance and make you deeply aware of the logic of attraction. Once you have this understanding you will be able to let go of the factors of resistance that are holding back your potential for attraction. All that’s needed is that you commit yourself to doing the “inner work”, followed by the “required” external work – once your mindset is in place, the actions, and results, will also flow through in a harmonious manner. If you are feeling powerless, unattractive, and disconnected with your male-energy, you owe it to yourself to work on the required growth towards re-connecting fully with your male-energy thus living your personal potential for attraction.