So How Do You Get A GF?

It’s a no brainier that as a guy you need a female connection. If you are one of the lucky guys who is still lonely and looking for a girl, then you have come to the right place. I call you lucky because the process of getting a GF is a totally awesome experience. Imagine that you are going to find the girl you want in your life; you are going to get close to her; you are going make her fall in love with you and get all the juicy perks of having a girlfriend who is crazy about you. Now if that isn’t an awesome experience, then what is?

The stark reality though is that you presently don’t have a girl friend. So how to get one? Not just any girlfriend mind you. She ought to be a girl with whom..

  • you are in love with.
  • you find really pretty or hot as your liking may be.
  • you think would be fun to have in your life.

This site is all about helping you get this girl. It’s no sweat. The best part is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lets get started!

Accepting The Reality

It’s important for you to face the reality first before taking any action to change it. Your life situation is presently lacking a GF. The reasons could be several. Some of them are listed below:

  • You are an introvert and don’t approach girls for a casual talk.
  • You are a human of high IQ (euphemism for geek) and hence girls keep away from you.
  • You have a complex about your facial looks (a common reason among guys).
  • You have a complex about your physique.
  • You think you are not well settled in life (financially).
  • You are scared of girls (especially their high pitch laughter).
  • You are scared of failures or rejection (nobody likes a slap on the cheek).
  • You are not sure if girls would like you as a person.
  • You dont think you have any cool attributes about you.

Well the list goes on. Every guy who is living without a GF and seeking one would have an excuse or a solid reasoning for their present condition. Some guys just brush it off stating “girls are a pain”. It’s easy to avoid a problem. Not having a GF is a problem and you know it. Take a moment to think about all your beliefs which are stopping you from getting a GF. Some of us never take the time to do a little introspection. Go ahead and do it now.

How to Become Boyfriend Material?

Here is a modular bootcamp to become a boyfriend material:

Develop a female attraction body language:

The factor of attraction has more to do with your body language than your communication skills. You don’t need to talk to generate attraction in a girl. Read more about how to attract girls through body language.

Develop the art of flirting:

Your body language will attract the girls but you need to take it further. You will need to initiate flirting. This is an important step. It involves changing a few aspects of your normal behavior. Read about flirting with girls like a pro.

Develop your kino skills or the art of touching:

This is an important step towards entering the boyfriend domain. Girls are very sensitive to touch. You need to develop the art of playful touching and sensual touching to get the girls to respond to your signals. Learn about this powerful technique in this article.

Develop the alpha attitude:

Once the girl gets interested in you she will start observing you more closely. She will start testing you. This is an exciting phase, more because you now know that she is interested. You need to come across as an alpha male to get her to fall in love with you. Learn about how to develop the instincts of an alpha male to attract girls.

Initiating the first kiss:

Make no mistake about it, this is the precursor to sex. The first kiss is vital. Girls have a sixth sense about how confident a guy is based on the way he kisses. It’s usually a natural thing, but a few tips can never hurt. Read about, initiating the first kiss in the right way.

Proposing to your girl:

How do you know if your girl is your GF yet? Unless there is a verbal commitment you can’t really be sure. Most guys are scared to propose to a girl, I am not talking about marriage proposal here. You need to let her know that you love her and know what she feels about you. Living in a misunderstanding will end up being painful for you later. Read about how to propose to your girl.

Dealing With the Consequences

If you followed the boot-camp to the word I am sure you would have had success with girls. I am assuming that you have already gone from being a loner to becoming a foolproof boyfriend material. The rest of the journey is simple. Make sure you don’t get too complacent along the way, remember the thumb rule “Girls will test”. The best way to deal with these situations in life is to be relaxed. From here on I will be putting on a few miscellaneous articles relating to certain specific problems you might face in your relationship. Remember, you are done with the hard part. It’s a cruise from here on.

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